Phase 2 of the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC), Fort Pickett, Virginia
Client: Mortenson Construction
Owner: GSA for the U.S. State Department.​​​​​​​

Nyfeler Associates provided 3 years of significant survey support for infrastructure layout and As Built Surveys from early 2017 thru early 2020.  Required staffing levels reached as high as 5 survey crews per weekday using robotic instruments and RTK GPS equipment.
IT&C Primary Operations Addition, McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Client: Parsons
Owner: National Science Foundation

The National Science Foundation manages the United States Antarctic Program (USAP). Leidos Innovations Corporation provides logistical support to the USAP under a contract covering McMurdo Station, the largest of the USAP on-continent facilities.  Originally opened in 1958, many buildings are in need of repair or replacement. Nyfeler Associates provided building layout services to Parsons, the Leidos contractor providing design and construction services for this 11,500 SF building expansion.  Other building projects are planned to follow.  The USAP operates three year-round stations, which include South Pole and McMurdo on the Antarctic continent, and Palmer on Anvers Island in the Antarctic Peninsula.

ATF DFAC, Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Client: Woolpert RS&H JV
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Wilmington District

Nyfeler Associates is a subconsultant to Prime contract holder Woolpert RS&H JV on a $40-million IDIQ contract with the USACE Norfolk District, which is funding this Wilmington District project for JSOC at Fort Bragg.  Multiple trips were required to complete a topographic survey and obtain soil bore locations and elevations for the design of a new dining facility at the Aberdeen Training Facility. Nyfeler Associates has also worked with Woolpert and RS&H personnel on other projects at Quantico, VA and Defense General Supply in Richmond, VA.

Runway and Taxiway Repairs, Ronald Reagan National Airport, Arlington, Virginia
Client: Lagan Construction
Owner: Metro Washington Airport Authority (MWAA)

Provided Survey Control for 2-miles of major runway resurfacing and nearby taxiway resurfacing in 2017 and 2018. Provided a detailed As Built Survey report at the end of a successful project. Lagan Construction is scheduled to start another phase of work at the same location in 2020 with Nyfeler Associates again providing surveying support services. 


Runway and Taxiway Repairs, Wallops Flight Facility
Client: Lagan Construction
Owner: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 

Nyfeler Associates worked closely with Lagan Construction to provide survey control and As Built Surveys from 2016 thru 2018 for an 8,900 foot runway repair and associated taxiway repairs at this facility located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.


McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center
Client: GUIDON DESIGN; SAW Construction
Owner: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Working for the architecture and engineering firm of GUIDON DESIGN, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, Nyfeler Associates subcontracted to provide comprehensive land surveying services for the design of a 500-car parking garage near the main entrance of the McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center.  A detailed underground utility investigation was performed by a second tier subcontractor to Nyfeler Associates. Design was completed in 2014.  Pile layout and pile as built surveys were performed by Nyfeler Associates for SAW Contracting in 2017. Construction completion is expected in late 2018.


Oregon Steel Mill, Portland, Oregon
Client: Nyfeler, Inc.
Owner: EVRAZ North America

In January 2016, Nyfeler, Inc and Nyfeler Associates teamed to provide superior metrology services during a significant maintenance shutdown for a steel mill. Work included dimensional reporting to within 0.001 inch for numerous machined surfaces throughout the mill.  Locational relationships between 2 to 4 shim liner surfaces on each of 9 sets of steel rolls were also collected and reported using Spatial Analyzer Premium software.  Approximately 0.004-inch precision was achieved while using a ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner during the performance of a series of scans to model all three sections of the entry coil gear box housing.  3D nodes populated the point cloud at a rate of 500,000 points per second during scan sessions.

Building Renovations, Norfolk Navy Shipyard, Virginia
Client: Design-Build Team of Whiting-Turner Contracting Company & Clark Nexsen
Owner: Department of the Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)
Nyfeler Associates was selected in 2015 by the design-build team of Whiting Turner and Clark Nexsen to complete topographic surveys for design for two large building renovations and two temporary office building locations at the Norfolk Navy Shipyard, Virginia.  In 2017 & 2018 Nyfeler Associates provided high accuracy interior building control on 4 floors to finalize steel reinforcing improvement locations to avoid existing beam and masonry conflicts.  A Trimble S9 robot with metrology targeting was utilized to maximize accuracy.

NASA Data Center
Langley AFB, Virginia
Client: Turner Construction Company
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District
Construction Cost: $23,000,000

Nyfeler Associates was selected by Turner Construction Company to perform a five-way road intersection topographic field survey for transportation design, to perform all site survey layout for the project. The project was completed in 2017.


Marine Corps University Expansion
Quantico Marine Corps Base, Virginia
Client: CDM Smith/Coakley Williams, a Joint Venture
Owner: Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Washington DC
Construction Cost: $99,000,000

Nyfeler Associates was selected by the design-build team of CDM Smith/Coakley Williams, a Joint Venture, Bethesda, Md. to perform a 40-acre topographic field survey with the establishment of GPS control for the design of the Marine Corps University Research Center Addition and Marine Corps University Academic Instruction Facility at Marine Corps Base Quantico.
The existing Marine Corps University building, parking lots and underground utilities were within the site topo survey limits.  An aggressive schedule was met for delivery of the survey files 15-business days from Notice to Proceed.
Nyfeler Associates was also selected to perform construction layout during the 3-year construction schedule and provide a post-construction As-Built Survey for updating base GIS records.

U.S. Capitol Dome Restoration Project
Washington, D.C.
Client: Turner/Smoot, a Joint Venture
Owner: Architect of the Capitol
Construction Cost: $60,000,000

The Architect of the Capitol contracted Turner/Smoot, a Joint Venture, to perform repairs to the Civil War Era constructed iron dome of the U.S. Capitol building.  Approximately 1,300 cracks and other documented damaged areas are to be sealed/repaired over the course of this 2-year project.  Nyfeler Associates was hired to provide survey layout and collect dimensional information inside and just below the exterior copper roof.  Nyfeler Associates and Smoot Construction personnel worked together for the three years preceding the commencement of this project on the challenging nearby Stone Repairs for the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art. 
In addition to work provided to Turner/Smoot, Nyfeler Associates was contracted by American Ironworks to provide a 5-billion-point 3D model created from 118 laser scans of the iron sub-structure supporting the dome.  The project was completed in 2016.

Training and Doctrine Command Headquarters and Band Facility
Fort Eustis, Virginia
Client: Tompkins Builders, Inc.
Owner: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District
Construction Cost: $87,000,000

The Army’s new Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) was relocated from Ft Monroe, Virginia to Ft Eustis, Virginia.  Nyfeler Associates provided survey layout to general contractor Tompkins Builders, Inc. utilizing design plans from Michael Baker Jr., Inc. and Timmons Group.  Nyfeler Associates personnel have a track record of working well with personnel from all three of these firms over the past 20 years.

Huguenot High School Replacement
Client: Hess Construction + Engineering Services
Owner: Richmond Public Schools.
Construction Cost: $63,000,000

Nyfeler Associates was chosen by Hess Construction, Chevy Chase Contractors and Sports Construction Management, Inc. to perform all the survey layout for the new 252,000SF Huguenot High School 52-acre site in the City of Richmond.  Included were segmented retaining walls, utilities, athletic fields and other site features, building layout and a 10-ft grid topo survey of the football field base. 

Richmond Justice Center
Richmond, Virginia
Client: Tompkins/Ballard/Davis Joint Venture
Owner: City of Richmond
Design-Build Cost: $135,000,000
Nyfeler Associates performed building layout for the Richmond Justice Center Project.  Also provided were multiple crews for daily auger cast pile tip elevation monitoring.

National Gallery of Art Stone Repairs Project
Washington, D.C.
Client: Balfour Beatty/Smoot a Joint Venture
Owner: National Gallery of Art
Construction Cost: $55,000,000

Nyfeler Associates was contracted by Balfour Beatty/Smoot from 2011 thru 2014 to provide challenging vertical location data on this project, requiring each of 17,000 pieces of Tennessee Marble to be removed and then reinstalled at a later date in the same relationships to each other.  Placements on new hangers were adjusted slightly, based on our survey data to better adhere to the original 1978 design intent to maintain a 1/8-inch gap between the 5-ft x 2-ft x 4-inch stones, each weighing 400 pounds.
Aerial Targeting & GPS Location for Aerial Topographic Survey
Buckingham County, Virginia
Client: Angler Environmental
Owner: Angler Environmental

Nyfeler Associates was contracted by Angler Environmental for targeting and establishing of coordinates and elevations for aerial photography for the creation of topographic mapping for their Buckingham County stream restoration project.  A total of 26 points were established across the 240-acre site.